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Dance-a-thons can be done as one continuous event, split into sessions, or at-home. Treat these as a base and feel free to tailor these to suit your specific event. Point to where you want the orders unloaded, organized, and staged, so you can focus on greeting parents when they come to pick up their orders afterward. What is one thing children love more than a warm gooey cinnamon roll? The time spent with a parent or grandparent making the rolls themselves. Our Amish Cinnamon Roll baking kit comes with most of the ingredients you need to make 12 large delightfully sticky treats (flour and butter not included).
To pull off the online event that your school wants to host, you’re going to need several online tools. Make sure you come up with a fun prize, for instance, a dinner certificate or a vacation experience are top choices. However, if you’re selling raffle tickets to your students, prizes like “Be a Principal for a Day” or “Pie a Teacher” can be just as enticing. For the best results, host it in August or September when many students are going back-to-school shopping. Kids quickly grow out of their clothes and shoes, so many parents will be happy to donate shoes in good condition instead of tossing them out.
donations for nonprofits can be almost anything, from reading to running to bowling. No matter what activity you choose, the premise is the same. Participants commit to doing the activity (reading a certain amount of books, running a certain distance) and ask their friends, family, and coworkers to support them. First, you’ll need to decide if you want to hold a one-time event, multiple dance sessions, or virtual event. Then, you’ll need to decide how long the dance-a-thon will last. Most are between 12 and 36 hours, but you can decide what works best based on your needs and how many dance sessions you’re holding.
Classy is an online fundraising site that is designed for nonprofits and social enterprises. The site comes with a fundraiser reporting tool to help track fundraising progress. Another site feature helps teams organize virtual events, including ticketing and event registration. Piggybackr provides a school fundraising platform where parents and students can raise money (as a team or individually) for school projects. Piggybackr gives students points and badges for their fundraising efforts. Turn this timeless event into a fresh and inventive online fundraising idea by using platforms like Facebook Watch Party or Teleparty to host a virtual watch party.
Then, supporters receive a good or service in response to their contributions, which can be an added incentive to support your school. It’s a fantastic way to draw a crowd in and offer an exceptional engagement experience. Perhaps your school already hosts a seasonal or annual festival⁠—but are you maximizing the event’s fundraising potential? The most effective festival fundraisers collect revenue with a combination of the following strategies⁠—admission sales, activity or game tickets, snack and drink sales, and more. Your attendees will have a great time and also know that the dollars they contribute are going to support your school overall.
In exchange for a donation, families can pose for photos and pick up their photos after they’ve been developed. Students will pay a small entry fee, and you can host the bingo event after school. With a huge variety of items to choose from, there’s something for everyone. The amount of money you earn as a distributor will be based on the amount of time and effort you put in as well as your natural ability as a sales person. ABC Fundraising® makes no guarantees as to how much money you will earn.