12 Booster Club Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work

Many high schools, even public schools, now implement some sort of uniform to keep students in line and respectful in class. You can even increase the value of this item by adding in gift cards to any popular restaurants by your school. Have your procurement team chat with the popular ice cream shops in your community and solicit a donation. A teacher appreciation gift basket is an incredibly versatile way to offer your teachers items they’ll love all in one package. Sometimes the coolest, best days of school came from someone in your class winning an auction item.
Allow us to show you what the most popular band fundraising program is right now. The Online Physical Education Network (OPEN) recently shared a wealth of resources to help schools host a virtual field day. Watch their videos of at-home field day activities for zany-but-practical ideas like the Tennis Shoe Tower, Wind Bowling, and Paper Plane Corn Hole.
Plus, on Valentine’s Day, you can watch students light up when they receive a candy gram from their secret admirer. Looking for ways for raising a few dollars for your FBLA school program? Our FBLA fundraising brochures are designed to help the most aspiring future business leaders reach their goals. Our class fundraising suggestions work for all kinds of school classes of any size. We love working with Juniors and Seniors also to collect the monies that they may need.
Along with online advertising and marketing, use direct mail fundraising options and local media advertising to gain more attention. It can be difficult to organize fundraising events on Christmas and Thanksgiving – holidays usually reserved for family and friends. You could combine this event with another fun fundraising idea like a book sale or a book swap to get the kids excited about reading. A ‘hobbies, arts and crafts fair’ is a great PTA fundraising idea. It enables you to engage your school community by allowing parents (and perhaps even teachers) to show off their hobbies, art, and crafts. The Portage (Ind.) High School holds a cardboard boat regatta with participation by both students and faculty members.
Get more students to participate in your middle school fundraiser. Start by agreeing on which portion of the proceeds from a particular day will be donated. Then, brainstorm how you’ll spread the word leading up to the event. You’ll collect donations from a transaction students love while boosting brand awareness for the business with every new customer your fundraiser brings through their door. Capitalize on the campus hot spot, where students grab a bite, hang out, or meet up by partnering with local businesses.
Like the battle of the bands, a karaoke fundraiser gives your students a chance to shine. Try to get raffle prizes donated or sponsored by a local business in order to maximize your fundraising through your school raffle. This fundraising event is not just fun; it also enables students to get some much-needed exercise. Partner up with a book vendor who can supply the books to be sold at the fair. Negotiate on the percentage of funds that will go towards your school from the sales. Make sure you have space and volunteers available on the day to set up your book fair.
On this page, we highlight some of our high school fundraisers . But we chose the ones on this page because they show the different kinds of benefits the different DECA fundraising ideas offer. Our Journey of Faith candle fundraiser is the perfect church fundraising idea for spiritual or faith-based groups looking to raise money with a high quality product.
Write down different prizes on small pieces of paper and attach each piece to a straw. Participants would need to pay a fee to draw one of the straws from the pack and they get to win whatever prize is written on the paper attached to it. Everyone can get involved in this, including the teachers and parents, and you can set up donation boxes in the event premises. Fix a flat-rate price for the face painting, and allow attendees to choose the face painting design that they want.